“Fogfall” in East & Rice Canyons

Many spring and fall mornings, it will be clear in the Santa Clarita Valley, but foggy in the San Fernando Valley.  As the sunbathed SCV air heats and rises, it draws the marine air over the ridge like a slow motion “fog waterfall.”  This moisture allows Bigcone Douglas Fir trees, normally not found at this elevation or in our dry climate, to survive.  They are not found naturally in any other Los Angeles Basin range.

Easily seen during “June gloom” season, as you drive up the northbound I-5 through Newhall pass, after you pass the Calgrove Blvd offramp, look to your right (carefully, so you don’t rear-end someone!) to the canyon up to the horizon: 

Fog over East Canyon, from the northbound I-5
You can see a lip of clouds/fog just spilling over the ridgeline, down into East Canyon
You can also see this effect from The Old Road at the East/Rice Canyon trailheads before the first overpass