Preserving the Santa Clara River

Santa Clarita’s most unique natural resource is undoubtedly the Santa Clara River. This last free-flowing river in Los Angeles County begins its journey in the San Gabriel Mountains and meanders 116 miles to end in the Pacific Ocean in Ventura. It is the water supply for many of the communities along its banks, including Santa Clarita. Prime farmland and some of the last remaining habitat for rare animals and birds enrich the beauty and importance of this special gift to our community.

Preserving the Santa Clara River and its resources so that future generation can continue to enjoy its benefits has always been a focus goal for our group. We do this by speaking up at public hearings, commenting on projects and opposing those proposals that will impact the river by filling its flood plain and channeling its banks. We must give the river and its natural inhabitants some room in our community if we hope to share in its many benefits.

You can find more Information about the Santa Clara River watershed and its many endangered and threaten species by clicking the link above.

Significant Ecological Areas