Old Glory Oak

   The “Old Glory” Pico Oak is a Quercus lobata, or Valley Oak, a species of oak that is becoming more and more rare throughout California as it falls to the developer’s ax or is killed by drought and over-pumping of our water supplies.

   Valley Oaks are the monarchs of California Oaks by virtue of their size, beauty, and age. The largest trees have massive trunks, like our own “Old Glory Oak” in Stevenson Ranch, sometimes measuring six or seven feet in diameter and may tower a hundred feet above the ground.  The lobed, felt-covered leaves bud out in the spring to become a summer kingdom of shade in a landscape drenched in hot, bright sun. Then they lose their leaves in the winter.

   Twenty years ago, tree-sitter John Quigley climbed this ancient oak in protest over its imminent demise to make room for more development. His 72 days in the tree sparked international media attention and brought thousands of visitors rallying for its preservation. Ultimately, the tree was moved just down the road to an open space park where it stands today, still healthy, thanks to the care of the County Parks Department.

   SCOPE is a long-time member of the California Oaks Coalition. You can find out more about California oaks and access studies at the California Oaks Foundation.

Here’s the picture story of how everyone worked together to save this magnificent old oak

Join Us Saturday, March 18th 2023, 1PM for the Old Glory 20 Year Reunion Celebration

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     We’re planning a huge picnic under the Pico Canyon Oak with speakers and the tree-sit crowd gathering to celebrate this oak’s survival and share old stories. Meet tree-sitter and visual artist John Quigley and the many others that helped save this magnificent old oak from the bulldozers.

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John Quigley during his tree sit of 2002-2003 to save the Old Glory Oak
Old Glory Oak in Autumn of 2015 in it’s current location at Pico Canyon Park, losing its leaves for the winter season

KQRU Interview with John Quigley

Interview with John Quigley.
John Quigley
Shawnee Badger

You can listen here to an exclusive interview with visual artist and tree activist John Quigley, brought to you by KQRU 107.9 FM Santa Clarita. The interview is conducted by Shawnee Badger, who visited the tree to talk to John when she was 9 years old. Now, 20 years later, they sit down to discuss how this event came about and what it meant for each of them and the community.