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November 30 2015
CA Supreme Court rules on Newhall Ranch - River Permit Challenge

At 11:24 AM today, the California Supreme Court released its long awaited opinion on the CA Fish and Wildlife Department River permit for the Newhall Ranch project AND FOUND FOR THE PLAINTIFFS (that's us!).
How appropriate that this decision comes at a time when Pope Francis is demanding global action on Climate change to protect threatened populations, the Paris Climate discussions have begun and while the people of Los Angeles demonstrate for climate action. We are all grateful to the Court for its decisive ruling today.
While the Court did not object to Newhall's "business as usual" argument (i.e., that the originally proposed project was 25,000 units, then cut back to 21,000, allowing a rather odd definition of "baseline", thus reaching a finding of no significant impact for this huge proposal), they instead reached an even more common sense ruling, They found that the EIR provided no evidence that there would not be an impact. Like everyone "person on the street", it seems pretty obvious that adding some 269 tons per year of greenhouse gases to our atmosphere is pretty significant.

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