SCOPE - Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment


Legal Issues/Quality of Life
Past Board of Directors

Cam Noltymeyer

2nd VP

Carmillis "Cam" Noltemeyer is a long time resident of Southern California and a resident of Santa Clarita since the City was incorporated. After retiring from a career in pensions and accounting and moving to Santa Clarita she joined SCOPE and the Sierra Club. It became apparent that there was a great need for these organizations in our community.
Prior to moving to Santa Clarita she served on the San Fernando City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission. She was the strong voice of taxpayers that fought to protect City property from being given away to special interests and to preserve the integrity of the single-family residential neighborhood.
As a Parks and Recreation Commissioner she made sure that funds from the prior sale of sections of Recreation Park were used to develop Pioneer Park as mandated by a referendum of the people. 
On City Council she used the initiative and referendum process to sponsor a law, approved by the voters, giving the people complete control of a valuable piece of property in the civic center. She also used that process to preserve a valuable piece of City owned water well property from being sold to developers for apartments. That property is currently being developed as Heritage Park. She was never afraid to challenge "the establishment" during her tenure in public office. 

In 1998, during Women's History Month she was honored by the City of San Fernando for her outstanding service and contributions to the City and for standing steadfast for principles that have made our country great. 

In Santa Clarita she has been active in the Committee for Safe Schools. She is greatly concerned about the school sites being approved in the City of Santa Clarita and in the county. Current laws are not providing the protection needed from environmental pollution.


Sally White


Sally was born in San Diego, and moved to Valencia in 1968, before it was the City of Santa Clarita. Her family enjoyed bicycling, hiking, camping, and the outdoor activities, which were the qualities that drew their family here, as they were so readily accessible. She graduated from Pepperdine University in 1975 with a BS in Administration.

Since retiring from a career in contract administration in energy programs, including work in solar, wind and nuclear, she has stepped up her activism, particularly in the areas of the environment, politics, and social justice, and continues to support a number of local and national organizations. Besides SCOPE, of particular interest are Citizen's Climate Lobby, and the Social and Environmental Justice Team of the Santa Clarita Unitarian Congregation.

Her interests are eclectic; she is an appreciator of the arts, including Music, Art, Dance, Opera and the Theater. Other interests includemoving towards peaceful settlement of issues between people, religious groups, and the countries of the world, reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons world-wide, and working on all effective ways to achieve a peaceful, more equitable world for all.

She believes that SCOPE is a quintessential organization that has cared about this valley for over 30 years, always with a stalwart desire to maintain a livable, healthy, harmonious, and beautiful place to live for each and every resident. "We are privileged to live in this beautiful valley, however that requires vigilance on the part of each of us to maintain air quality, water quality, freeway travel that is not a nightmare", she says. Sally is passionate about fairness for all, and believes that all forms of government must work for everyone, not just those at the top of the power and wealth struggle.