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Landmark Village

Landmark Village is the first phase of the massive Newhall Ranch Project. Approved in 2012 by the Los Angeles County Board of supervisors on a 3-2 vote, it would allow development of 1444 housing units and approximately 1 million sq.ft. of commercial. Built entirely in the flood plain next to the Santa Clara River (along Hwy 126, west of I-5), it would pave over what is now prime farm land. Instead of protecting re-charge areas, the flood plain would be raised with 30 feet of fill dirt to remove the flood hazard. Travellers along this scenic vista would no longer be able to see the river due to strip malls up to three stories in height planned to be built along the highway.

After dubious legal actions by Newhall Land, apparently attacked by them due to her favorable ruling in the Fish and Game River Alteration Permit case, Judge Jones was removed from the case. The new Judge found among other issues that no significant impact to greenhouse gases would be incurred from this massive auto-oriented project on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The case is now before the Court of Appeal.

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