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Chiquita Canyon Landfill


Chiquita Canyon Landfill is planning to increase its footprint by nearly 40% and more than double its tonnage intake. How will this affect the surrounding communities and the Santa Clarita Valley at large?

How will this affect air quality in Santa Clarita? How about climate change? Water Quality in the Santa Clara River? - Then expanding this landfill should concern you, too.

After yet another expansion was approved in 1997, the community of Val Verde was promised by Newhall Land and Farming that the Chiquita dump would be closed by. 2019. But since that time, Newhall Land went through a bankruptcy and the landfill itself changed hands more than once. Now the promise and contract signed with the community is being ignored. Even the Town Council that is supposed to represent them, seems to have been bought off, signing an agreement that would preclude residents' representatives from speaking out. For detailed information about the environmental process, visit the Citizen's for Landfill Compliance website or keep up with them on Facebook.

SCOPE's comments on Chiquita Expansion 10-24-14
Chiquita Hearing Request 1-4-15
Val Verde Assn Agreement Feb 1997