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Next SCOPE Meeting:

SCOPE January General Meeting
Saturday Jan 30th, 2-4PM on Zoom

Join us for Guest Speaker Paul Edelman, and our yearly goal-setting meeting

Join our Zoom Meeting by URL or by phone: 253-215-8782 (ID: 83013932370, password: 240952)

Guest Speaker Paul Edelman (2:30PM)

Paul Edelman, Deputy Director, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, works on land acquisition, shaping development entitlement, and passive recreation development over a 2,500 square mile area of Southern California. A primary emphasis of his work is on habitat linkages of all scales.

He will discuss opportunities for wildlife bridges over the freeways in the Santa Clarita Valley. Wildlife bridges save animals and protect humans from accidents involving animals. Watch the video here of the successful wildlife bridge over the I-80 in Utah. We need a bridge like this here to save our mountain lions, bears, etc.

Goal Setting

Last year's goals were:
1) continuing our work to preserve the Santa Clara River,
2) working to reduce plastic pollution and promoting alternatives, and
3) protecting wildlife corridors in the SCV.

But with the pandemic, we did not get as much accomplished as we might have hoped. Shall we continue with these goals, add to them or change them?



Past Meetings

SCOPE Quarterly Membership Meeting
Saturday January 19, 2019

SCOPE Quarterly Membership Meeting
Saturday January 29, 2018

SCOPE Quarterly Membership Meeting
Saturday January 16, 2016

SCOPE Quarterly Membership Meeting
Saturday January 25, 2014

Members decided SCOPE 2014 goals are:
1. Drought and water supply
2. Contaminated sites
3. Fracking
4. NHLL Ranch and river

SCOPE Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday June 15, 2013

SCOPE Quarterly Membership Meeting
Wednesday April 24, 2013

How to comment on an EIR.

SCOPE Quarterly Membership Meeting
Thursday Jan 31, 2013

After brainstorming with the membership the 2013 goals are:
1. The Santa Clara River and its endangered habitats, including projects that will affect it.
2. Contaminated sites and groundwater
3. Climate Change
4. Protecting the California Environmental Quality Act

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